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Monday, July 02, 2007


Dispensable dad they all said

They needed a donor and chose a friend who would have little role in their son's life.

"Sam does not have a father; he has someone who helped bring him into the world," Annan said. "After Sam was born, he (the donor) stopped by the hospital, held him for a minute or two, said he was proud of us and then left us. He has his own family. He is happy with what he has got."

These few words manage to encapsulate the mindset (hopes and wishes) of all who use donor gametes to produce a child for themselves.

Not only did these two women purposefully choose someone who they knew would have little role in their son's life they then go on to override their son's right to even have a father.

How do they propose referring to his father in years to come? Clearly at this point in time they would rather he were no more than a 'midwife' (aren't they the people who help bring babies into the world?)

How readily they dismiss the father's feelings.
And besides, how would they know how he really feels?

I would wager that the statement, "He is happy with what he has got", says more about the apprehensiveness of the mother and her partner that this seemingly blithe unconcernedness of their son's father may well not stand the test of time.

The man is a fool and they are just plain selfish.

Time will certainly tell.
I'm a recipient mom, who loves her 19 year old donor conceived daughter immensely, and I want to tell you that I think you are marvelous for speaking out against donor conception.

When you use a donor everyone gets cheated, the child, the non biological parent (if there is one) and the biological parents, whether they are present to raise the child or or not.

Your blog and others like yours, along with those from the DCP have opened my eyes. I have to believe there are more like me to follow...

Please continue voicing your condemnation of this practice.
Thank you both for your support. I continue to believe it is a cause worth fighting for.
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