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Monday, August 06, 2007


Extract from the Parliamentary Committee's Report

Ethical issues surrounding fertility

A major ethical issue raised in the draft Bill is whether children born as a result of donor conception should have the right to know they are donor conceived. The Committee argue that, as the State has a direct involvement in assisted conception, it has a moral duty not to be party to a deliberate deception about the person's genetic history. The direct involvement of the State makes the situation of children conceived via sperm, egg or embryo donation different from those conceived naturally who may also not know their true genetic parentage.

The Committee say they recognise the force of the argument that the fact of donor conception should be registered on the person's birth certificate. This gives the parent the incentive to inform their child but allows them to do this at the time and in the manner of their own choosing. It also goes some way to address the value of knowledge of genetic history for medical purposes. The Committee call on the Government to give this further consideration as a matter of urgency.

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